(that means Frequently Asked Questions, we get these a lot)

Gumby’s World is a freemium app based on the Gumby series of characters and available on Android (Google Play, Amazon) and IoS (App Store). In Gumby’s World, players can win real Gumby prizes mailed to them for free.

Game Flow
This is a short tutorial explaining how to play the game and win prizes. Pokey will appear immediately after your initial login.
The Decades:
There are 5 decades. Each decade contains a game and a treasure room. The 50’s, 60’s and 80’s also have videos!

Gumby Coins
● Gumby Coins is the currency used
● Coins are acquired by playing mini-games, watching videos, found in the Treasure Room and even as a randomly awarded prize hidden somewhere in the decades.
● Coins are used to gain access to unlocked Treasure Rooms
● Coins are accumulated during the day

Real Prizes: How to Win
Treasure Room – Collectables & ViewMaster
● User plays mini games to collect Gumby coins
● Using 50 Gumby coins gives access to unlocked Treasure Room
● 8 Treasures are hidden in the room
● Treasures consist of:
o Collectables for the viewmaster
o Garbage items giving 30 Gumby coins
● User can select one area in room from the 8 areas available
● User selects area and a popup reveals what they found
● After user finds a collectable it goes into the Viewmaster
● There are 5 Treasure Rooms; one in each decade
● attic of Pokey’s Diner in 50’s
● basement of library in 60’s
● inside of barn in 80’s
● warehouse/garage in 90’s
● circus tent in 2,000s
● Each decade has a different color viewmaster.
* Once you collect all collectables for the decade you win the collectables trading card from that decade
● Only the Treasure Room from the 50’s is initially unlocked
● After collecting all collectables from all decades and winning all the Trading Cards, all collectibles are cleared from the viewmasters so you can start collecting again. if a new series of Trading Cards is available, all Treasure Rooms except the 50’s will be locked.
The Viewmaster contains collectables for a decade. Once all collectables are found in that decades Treasure Room, the Trading Card for that decade is awarded. The collectables found in the treasure rooms and shown in the viewmaster are not prizes or are not available through the game. These are very rare items for your viewing enjoyment only!
Random Hidden Prizes
The app will select random active users at random times to award a real prize to. A notification will appear saying “A prize is hidden, you have 1 minute to claim it”. If you find the prize, a popup will appear requesting your email address.
● Players can win one random prize per day
● Random Real Prizes are awarded all day!

Daily Grand Prize
This prize will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes at the end of each day at Midnight. It works like this:
● Players compete for the full day and every coin a player earns during that time goes towards their total.
● Coins from Mini-Games,
● Watch an ad – Doubles coins earned in the prior mini-game
● Watch a video – 50 coins
● Treasure Room coins
● At the end of the day, the winners are named.
● Daily Grand Prize would be a valuable prize

IAP’s (In App Purchases)
Decades Treasure Rooms
● .99 – Gets you access to the Treasure Room in the decade
Treasure Keys
● .99 – 2 additional Hidden Item searches in the Treasure Room
● 1.99 – 5 additional Hidden Item searches in the Treasure Room
● 2.99 – 8 additional Hidden Item searches in the Treasure Room
Coins Booster
Coins Boosters multiply the Coins earned during a 1 hour period.
● .99 – 2X Booster
● 1.99 – 3X Booster
● 2.99 – 4X Booster
Coins Boosters can be stacked, for example:
● 1:00 pm – Buy 2X Booster, this expires at 2:00 pm
● 1:15 pm – Buy 4X Booster, this expires at 2:15 pm
○ Coins are collected at 2 times normal between 1:00 and 1:15
○ Coins are collected at 6 times normal between 1:15 and 2:00
○ Coins are collected at 4 times normal between 2:00 and 2:15
○ After 2:15, all boosters expire, coins are collected at the normal rate
Exclusive Video
● .99 – View 2 exclusive video clips, the original pilot and a behind the scenes documentary from Gumby Fest

Real Prizes
Gumby’s World offers exclusive collectable prizes not available anywhere else. There are also traditional Gumby prizes awarded. The list of Prizes awarded are not guaranteed to always be available and may change at any time to similar prizes based on stock and item availability. Some of the prizes will include: collectible trading cards, wall graphics, sticker sheets, bendables and much more.

Getting your Real Prize
● After winning a real prize, a popup will ask for your email. If you are under 13, enter your parent’s email address.
● An Email will be sent requesting your shipping address
● Once we receive your shipping address, you prize will be mailed via the US Postal Service for FREE! It should arrive within a week