(that means Frequently Asked Questions, we get these a lot)

Prize Delivery – When will my prizes arrive?
Here’s how that works: 
— We mail prizes the day after we receive the delivery form
— We use the US Postal Service because they’re awesome
— Your prizes will arrive in your mailbox within a week as normal mail does. 
— Mail is not delivered on Sundays or Holidays, that’s when the Mail Carriers are off work!     

Prize Tracking – Can I track my packages? 
Nope.  We use the US Mail and to keep mailing costs down, we don’t add tracking.

Addresses – The Delivery Form says my address isn’t valid!   
We use US Mail Address Verification software.  If you get a message, try looking at a piece of mail you’ve received and entering the address as it’s shown.  Also, Address 2 is optional and meant for Apt, Suite or Lot numbers.  If you don’t have a secondary identifier like that, don’t enter anything there. 

Addresses – I entered my address wrong, now what do I do?
Contact us with your username and correct address and we will attempt to update it before the mailing is made. 

Emails – I entered my email but it never came. 
It can take up to an hour to receive your email.  If you’ve waited that long and still have not seen it, check you spam folder for an email from madballsarcade.com.  If it’s not there, let us know. 

Emails – I entered my email wrong, now what should i do?
That’s an issue that we have to manually fix.  You will have to contact us. See the Contacting Us section below!

Game Crashes
Madballs Arcade was designed to run on virtually any Android or Apple IOS device but some older tablets and phones may lag or freeze if resources are limited.  We can try to unfreeze your account but as we have no way to control what else is competing for already limited resources, we can make no guarantees the app will run flawlessly on older devices.

Madballs Arcade is optimized for latest versions of Android and iOS operating systems. It should run well on devices running Android 7.0+ and iOS 8+.

Contacting Us
If you still need to get in touch with us, email support@madballsarcade.com.  We can’t do anything without your username and we need details of what is occurring so be sure to provide anything that might help. 

Requests will be reviewed as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours during the week.  You might catch us on weekends or nights but most of the time we are with our families and friends watching  Madballs videos. 

Thanks again for playing Madballs Arcade!