Thinku is a game development company like no other. We partner specifically with brands that offer real products and we build games that ship those real products to users. This model increases the revenue and lifetime value for the buyer. It also adds life to products while giving gamers something they have never experienced, real prizes by playing apps and games.

About Our Games.

ThinkU games deliver. Cliche right, but deliveries are what makes ThinkU games truly unique. Our real rewards game model ties your brand’s real products into gameplay. It also delivers those real products to your players’ doorsteps with a very quick win-to-delivery time, shipped completely free in the U.S. Wrap your head around that retention driver. No one’s forgetting your IP.

And if you like the idea of extending the lifetime value of your products while adding a substantial revenue stream; bringing your offline real toy brand loyalty to the massively growing online gaming world does just that! 

Oh, and ThinkU provides a robust digital strategy and leading edge technology to take your brand live in about 100 days from conception. It does this with a fully functioning, cross platform, richly designed, and addictively entertaining app. How’s that for delivery? 

To learn more about launching a game app that really delivers for your IP, contact ThinkU and we’ll tell you all about it. 

ThinkU – Games to Life

ThinkU thrives on cutting edge technology and rapid deployment. Our cross-platform tech offering is the best available and we guarantee to take your IP from concept to production within 100 days.  

ThinkU’s gaming engine and backend architecture has been battle-tested to perform on peak loads and is easily scaled for any number of users. When your game picks up the pace, we have you covered. It’s scaleable and robust.

We have designed the architecture to offer complete flexibility to easily fit new IP’s and brands while keeping the core robust and secure. 

Some of the cutting edge technologies we use include:

Our custom HTML5 game engine makes cross-platform deployment of the game across web browsers and devices easy and we have completely native mobile game offerings for iOS and Android.

Our Team.

William Creutzinger

Communications Director / Project Manager

Gavin Levy

Creative Director

Suroor Wijdan

Chief Technical Officer

Steve Mandery

Chief Financial Officer

Sheila Mitham

Chief Executive Officer